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Amella Caramel Dark Chocolate With Seasalt 15/28g

Handmade using Organic Blue Weber Agave Nectar and Pure Cocoa Butter – these caramels are delicious!

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Amella Cocoa Butter Caramels are made from scratch with superior ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. Our original caramel is hand made with raw blue agave nectar in place of corn syrup. Then it is smothered in rich dark chocolate. The secret ingredient to our new Agave Caramel is pure cocoa butter. It helps create a unique consistency, like a caramel and truffle hybrid. Lastly we sprinkle them with Sel Gris, a high mineral content salt hand harvested off the coast of Brittany, France. Your taste buds will find the silky texture and decadent flavor impossible to resist. 8 50114 00285 4


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